We spent months looking for the right people to help us make our brain baby. We wanted to work with a company that values quality and longevity as much as we do. Those who will check and check again that the product comes out precisely as we designed and will last a lifetime.

We are relieved to say we found our match. It was not only their extensive knowledge or experience that won us over, but also their attention to detail and quality assurance system. We will work closely with them to ensure that each sphere can be held with confidence and pride.


Our shared passion for quality gives us confidence that we will provide a product that will impress and last a lifetime. We have multiple stages of quality checks.  After each sphere is shaped, it goes through automated checking for whether or not it is perfectly spherical, if it has any nicks or dents, and if it’s ready for polishing. It is polished and buffed, then sent to a quality check team for careful inspection before hand packaging.