"It’s something you have to try to understand. Before trying it I didn’t think these would do anything."

 - Eric L. | UC Berkeley Design, Prototype Tester

"They're beautiful just sitting there and I love playing them on while they're sitting on their stand."

- Colin F. | Camp Counselor, Prototype Tester

"I'm constantly working or studying and getting into the habit of using these acted as my reminder to take a breather, clear my mind, and balance myself."

 - Tiffany Y. | Student, Prototype Tester

"I've been using them for two weeks now and I can confidently say I am more in tune with my body. I feel less stressed and surprisingly more productive."

 - Adrian M. | Accountant, Prototype Tester

"I think it’s hard to understand how these work until you try them and get better at them. It's an acquired feeling that you begin to understand more and more. I like how I get progressively better at it everyday.”

 - Neal S. | Application Developer, Prototype Tester